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In-cabin device solutions

State-of-the-art electronic devices, used in a variety of functions within airplane cabins. For entertainment, for comfort and for safety. Check out the various ways in which our solutions are making a difference for the aviation industry, crews and passengers.

Why Avionic Design for aviation?

Because we have what it takes to give you customized in-cabin solutions. Over 20 years of extensive expertise, to be precise, in the fields of engineering, production and qualification. For commercial aircraft and business jets. From hardware to low-level software to apps. We develop and manufacture units for your specific needs.

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    40" LCD bulkhead monitor

    Bigger is better, but it can also be heavier. Not our 40" LCD monitors for Lufthansa Technik AG! This contract manufacturing order involved the development of slim, lightweight monitors, which are also extremely robust to pass every approval test.

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    Cabin Surveillance Camera (CSC)

    Safety first for Lufthansa Technik AG! Especially when it comes to the cabin. To keep an eye on the goings-on, for the crew and pilots, our contract-manufactured CSC gives a clear overall picture from a robust, tamper-proof housing.

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We are a NVIDIA preferred partner

For more than 25 years, NVIDIA has pioneered visual computing solutions to address challenges that ordinary computers can't solve, and delivers them to the market through a network of key partners. We're proud to be part of the NVIDIA family and thereby help our clients to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

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Go on a journey with us through the development and manufacturing of embedded hardware platforms, software, electronic manufacturing systems … to name just a few. From the initial idea to the final solution to logistics.

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