Avionic Design GmbH presenting the first CUDA® enabled, embedded/industrial market high-end processor-module based on the NVIDIA® Tegra® K1 SoC.

Bild des NVIDIA® Tegra K1 COMs

Computer Modul (COM)

First to market, Avionic Design is presenting its Tegra® K1 processor-module tailored for embedded, industrial and avionic applications. As a result of the long-standing partnership with NVIDIA®, we are closing the gap between mobile and embedded technology.

Derived from Jetson™ TK1 CUDA® Development Board, we are proud to present a COM that features significant improvements in value, size and stability.

Small is the new Powerful ...

We have put our effort into minimizing size to only 35cm² (5.4 inch²) of PCB real estate. Hosting all of the K1 SoC, RAM, eMMC, Power Management etc, the COM is a comprehensive and convenient component. Integrating the Tegra K1 into a custom design becomes almost trivially easy!

Mass production since Q1 2015.

Downloads: eg Product Brief, User's Manual, Mechanical model (step)

BSP (Linux OS and u-boot)