NVIDIA Tegra - Tamonten™ Eval-Board T3

Image of Tamonten NG Tegra Eval Carrier

Evaluation-Board for Accelerated Development

The Tamonten™ development and evaluation board is an integral part of our Tamonten™ System.

This evaluation carrier board combines the power of the NVIDIA® Tegra™ based Processor-Board Tamonten™ with the flexibility of Lattice® Semiconductor FPGA and CPLD solutions. This kit can be used as a basis for development and is available as a reference design to customers.

Programmable Hardware

A comprehensive IP-core portfolio and PCIe framework completes the picture and enables you to hit even the shortest time-to-market window.


All features are listed in the Product Brief.

Reference Design available for customers, including schematics, layout and evaluation FPGA as well as CPLD code.

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