NVIDIA Tegra - Tamonten™ Embedded System

Embedded and Avionic Platform

Tamonten™ is Avionic Design's NVIDIA® Tegra® based platform. It is flexible and modular, an ideal basis for cost-efficient high-end multimedia centric designs.

Tamonten™NG (Next Generation Tamonten) is the advanced version, adding interfaces such as SATA, a fourth PCIe lane etc. while preserving backward compatibilty. The COM features the NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 SoC.

The Tamonten™ processor-module serves as a ready-to-use component while the eval-board can be used to test all the various features without the need to design a carrier.

Order your own Evaluation-Kit today. A comprehensive package containing the TEC-NG, processor-board, documentation and all required cabling to give your engineers a head-start.

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Avionic Design can provide you with a fully customized design, turnkey solutions, support or just the processor board hardware. You decide.

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