Software Developer Kit

NVIDIA® Jetson TK1 Software Developer Kit


The NVIDIA® Jetson TK1 developer board is a full-featured device ideal for software development within the Linux environment. Standard connectors are used to access Tegra features and interfaces, enabling a highly flexible and extensible development platform.

Go to for access to software updates and the developer SDK supporting the OS image and host development platform that you want to use. The developer SDK includes an OS image that you will load onto your Tegra device, supporting documentation, and code samples to help you get started.

Obtaining Support

The Jetson TK1 developer board is supported through the NVIDIA Developer Zone at

The Linux BSP can be downloaded at

Development-Kit Key Software Components

  • Bootloader, BCT and flashing utilities
  • Linux Kernel Binary and Source Code
  • Reference File System
  • GStreamer (gst-openmax) Multimedia Hardware Acceleration Libraries
  • X11, EGL, OpenGL-ES, GLX, OpenGL Hardware Acceleration Libraries
  • Multimedia and Graphics Demo Applications

CUDA Developer Information

  • Cuda Version: 6.0 (the latest! same as desktop)
  • Computational Capability: sm_32 (like sm_35 without dynamic parallelism)
  • number of cores: 192 CUDA Cores
  • library availability:
  • tools availability:
  • doc availability:
  • installer type:

For early access CUDA libs, please visit: